Monday, 22 July 2013


Our second/third/ future king has arrived. His idea. 

I read a snippet of an article that said apparently both Kate and Wills have to go to the Queen with their name choices, and she has to give her approval of that name. 

Sounds exhausting. But tradition is tradition, right? 

The baby will certainly boost our economy. Within seconds of finding out, I received an e-mail from BHS, offering 20% off baby clothes....BARGAIN. 

And I also know at work we shall be receiving cups with the baby's chosen name on it. And I know for a fact that there have been plenty of tourists in Newbury lately. And I'm pretty sure the lovely lady who always buys things to do with the Queen in store will come in to buy that particular mug...


Everyone else just as excited about the arrival of the baby boy? 

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