Friday, 5 July 2013

My Future Plans

Hey all it's Thursday which means I'm a Teddy Bear Doctor if you don't understand that reference go hang out with Castiel. 

Yes it's a SPN reference. 

Anywhoo, I'd thought I'd keep up with the positivity by sharing with you all my future plans and goals in life, especially considering as I'm going to be posting my progress on here regularly. At this point in time I'm planning on making a vision board, so I can keep on track and look at it every day so it helps give me something that I can want to get out of bed for.

But until I get that done I'd thought I would list the main points that I am hoping to achieve in the very near future:

- Travel to America.

- Travel to Canada.

- Travel in and around Europe.

- Travel to Australia (don't ask me why I just really want to go).

- Freelance Write (mainly Travel articles etc.)

- Write and Finish my Book.

- Get published.

They are my main goals, and they're pretty big. For starters I need to FUND these, and at the moment I'm thinking of having one more year of work where I SAVE SAVE SAVE, I have my birthday and Christmas in the near future, so I can ask for some money from relatives, etc. But I'm really hoping I can reach all these goals, and I am determined to stay on track.

Keep updated, and don't be afraid to comment bellow what your dreams and aspirations may be, and you never know we could end up travelling together!


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