Friday, 6 September 2013


So this is my new new moto. Recently I've been dealing with some anxiety and other issues that have made me feel incredibly stressed and overall bleurgh. Now this isn't the kind of thing that over night it just gets better, but I'm intending to jump out the water and I've just made the first step the other week. So YAY! 

The main thing to say is...sorry for the absence, but life does make a crappy habit of getting in the way. Now moving swiftly on, I can happily say that I'm finally getting my arse into gear. So, what can you expect in the upcoming weeks? The answer is:  
- Final Reviews for: Shadow and Bone, AngelFall, Siege and Storm, Silence, and Beautiful Creatures (it has just hit me how many books I have read in such a short time). 
- New project reveal (as I'm gonna need all of your help on this's gonna be difficult). 
- Weekly blog post - (personal life, YAY). 
- My 'to-reads' list. - It will be a better update than my good-reads account. 

So there you have it. Fun fun fun. I'm hoping to find some more read-a-thons and get a more interesting life in general ;) So stay tuned. 

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