Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.


Well well well 2013 has certainly been an....interesting year. A lot has happened that's for sure. It's safe to say I'm very happy to see 2013 is going to be in the past as of a few hours from now. 

What happened in 2013? Apart from a whole lot of negative which I shall not mention on here, two pets dying on us, and a few other crappy things which again, I'm not going to mention on here, there has also been a few positives. 

The positives, were that I got to be a bridesmaid for my beautiful sister and I got to sit and watch as she married the man she loves. I also got a new job, one that I'm staying positive with and it's helping me change my mental attitude with the way I look at life. In May I got to meet MISHA COLLINS, yes, yes, MISHA COLLINS. The dude that plays Castiel in Supernatural. I also got to meet the very talented Osric Chau who sat and talked with us for forty minutes and gave us the best tips in life that anyone could ask for.  

I also went to London for the first time without adult supervision (because I'm an adult D: ) for the Book Lovers Meetup that my friend Ben hosted. There I met some awesome people and made some cool new friends. Shortly after the meetup I hit 100 subscribers on YouTube and did a little dance in my room. 

And to top this year off I found out that I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT. YAY. 

So the good and the bad kind of cancel each other out, to be quite honest, the year has been meh. I will treasure all the awesome moments and carry them with me to 2014. All the bad stuff that happened in 2013 isn't actually that bad, I mean it's bad, but it's not bad because its taught me a lot of lessons, and call me crazy but I'm grateful for that knowledge. I'm grateful that I can look back and think, that sucks, that's not going to happen EVER again

But what about 2014? What's in store for that? 

Now I'm sat grinning at my screen. What's going to change in 2014? Me. It's simple. I've already started the change, how I think, and how I do things. I'm aiming to beat my anxiety issues, OCD issues, and I'm going to rise above it like a phoenix (yes a corny metaphor, but a metaphor none-the-less). I want to be a doer, someone who goes out makes plans and takes the bull by the horns, and even if I fall down I can look back and say 'at least I know'. 

There's no more 'I'll do this tomorrow', no more procrastinating and waiting for a life to start, I have to MAKE it start. 

I used to say this a lot, I know, who doesn't? But here goes - 2014 I am welcoming you with big open wide arms, come in for a hug, 'cos I want this year to be good. 

We all say it really don't we? We all say this year is going to be bigger and better. And why shouldn't we? It's our choice to make it bigger and better, it's our actions that lead to it, our thought patterns too. You can have a good year if you MAKE it happen. 

I wish everyone the best of luck in 2014, make new memories, do reckless things and regret them later. Let's all LIVE. 

Oh, and watch out for this space. Exciting things are going to happen. 

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