Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pub trip!


So today I was back at work after three lovely lazy days off, and of course my mood was a little low. It did start off sunny, but by the time I finished work the sky looked like this -

So I didn't really like the odds of the weather to be honest.

At lunch I got a text from my lovely best friend saying the time we were meeting our friends at the pub. I would just like to point out, at this point in time, I stared at my phone for a good few moments before I remembered that the pub trip had been previously arranged.

Another 'doh' moment from me.

I managed to act all 'coy' about it and reply with a simple 'yeah that's fine' before I alerted the 'rents (parents) that I was going. Trust me they were just as surprised as I was when I got the text.

So after a long laborious day at work, and after peeling myself off my sofa, I made myself presentable, then headed to the pub with my bestie.

The rain spat at us, but surprisingly it didn't down pour completely. It stayed dry so we stayed out doors (plus the pub was packed) and we talked for so long I didn't think we were ever going to end - trust me that's a good thing. It was nice to catch up with people from school too, I hadn't spoken to them since we left (two years ago now!! :O ) so it was definitely nice to see how they're all doing. 

After a while the cold blew in, I was shivering, and both me and the bestie have 6am starts tomorrow for work, so we had to leave quite early from the pub. But I did manage to get a picture of my favourite tree ever! You can't see it very well in the picture, but this tree has twinkly lights in it, and they stay in all year round, and when it's dark it looks like the tree from Harry Potter in the last film, when it's all burnt to ash with nothing but embers of flame left in the bark. 

A good time was definitely had by all today, and I'm super proud of myself for managing to stay positive throughout the majority of the day. 

Now my cat is looking at something that I can't see, so I think a spider is about to crawl on to my bed. On that note, I shall finish typing. 

Live, Laugh, Love my friends. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Downer and Anna Akana

Hey folks,

so the past few days I've hit a real downhill on my mood. I'm tired like 80% of the time, and all I want to do is snuggle up in bed with my cat, whilst drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie.

Instead of doing that I went for a walk with my mum and the dog.

We went to the usual place - the "green" and I couldn't not go without getting a picture of a tree. 
FUN FACT - I once hugged that tree after being advised by a spiritualist. I got as far as hugging it for 0.2 seconds before something flew in my face and I screamed. 

After our walk mum took me on a trip around the garden, telling me all her plans on what she wants to do with it, when I spotted one of my favourite flowers- the passion fruit flower. 

After this I was still feeling a bit low. 

So I decided to just get on and do work, which led to procrastination - obviously, which then led to me discovering Anna Akana. 

If you don't know who Anna Akana is, I highly recommend following her and subscribing to her. Her short films are just amazing, and her vlogs are so upbeat and inspiring. 

One of my favourite series was 'Riley Rewind'. It's close to Anna's heart, and her acting in it is incredible. It's about a girl who can turn back time and change past events to get a different future. The plot had me hooked and I literally sat down and watched every single one, one after the other. (well apart from the last one, because I had to stop for lunch). 

Lunch. This brings me to the typical salad. It was bacon and cheese and gorgeous and amazing, I could have it all again. 

After lunch I watched some more of Anna's videos and vlogs, before I decided that I should test some makeup for my youtube videos so I don't look like a sheet of paper. 

I looked to Tanya Burr for inspiration and did some testing with my video camera. I'm fairly happy with the results. 

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll have filmed a new YouTube video that can get to you by Thursday. 

For now, live long and prosper my friends. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

X Men: Days of Future Past

Howdy all!

Today has been a good day, once again my mood threatened to tip the scale, but I was determined to lift myself up. I was tired, I was moody, but I tried my best to just get on with it.

To help with this I went to the cinema today with a friend from my old job, she's awesome and works in the cinema so we get in for free.

Before I get to that, I'll start off with the standard day pictures. But BEFORE that I had to share with you this:

Danny looking super cute and cuddly, which is a rare occasion. 

Anyway back on track, today I missed my morning walk with the dog and my mum, and ended up going straight to my grandad's to get to work. 

The day was a little dull but still quite bright, AND HOT! On the way to work we were stopped by the crossing, which was in fact, broken, so we had to turn around and go a different way (the long way), so once again I was late for work. 

Work flew by quite quickly, the last 40 minutes dragged a little though, but soon enough it was time to leave, get my Mc Donald's and head to the cinema with my friend, once there we took an obligatory selfie together, and we also took one once the film ended: 

The film we saw was 'X Men: Days of Future Past', which was much more than I/we expected. I thought it was going to be confusing, but to be honest it was easy to follow, and also very very suspenseful. I give it 10 out of 5 on my non-existential scale. Or who knows, maybe I had a scale in the future? The past? Someone could've changed that for me. 

On the way home it was dark, miserable, and the rain had finally decided to come out and play. 

Have a very dizzy photo of some trees that I took whilst we were driving. Again my journey was interrupted by a broken down car, but nothing that kept us waiting too long luckily. 

Right now I'm sat in my room, I already edited a post for my project yesterday, so that published already, I could go and plan my two other projects some more, but I'm a little tired so I'm going to call it an early night and work on them tomorrow. 

Until next time, 

lots of love. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Doomed Travels

So today was pretty much standard routine guys, except for the 'doomed' part. I had work early so we went for an earlier dog walk where I snapped this:

I didn't notice until now but the sky was full of lots of aeroplane snail trail (that's what I call them anyways). 

BEFORE our walk, someone decided to be cheeky and get on my bed: 

I was late to work, which put me in a somber mood, the reason being - the crossing was down, then police blocked a road, we think it's because some sheep might've been trapped. AFTER all this, my grandad took my nan to her appointment so I ended up walking into work once the shop had opened. A big no-no in my books, but work seemed to understand. 

In higher spirits, on the entire journey I did manage to snap this: 

It makes my trip to work look exciting. This is the common, on our hike on Sunday this is where we would've ended up if we continued walking. It is beautiful, there's cows, and horses there. It used to be an old air base in the war or something (so my Dad tells me), but they dug it up and let it grow over into a common. 

Work was okay again, I was just pricing and scanning up stuff mainly. It kept me busy and time only really dragged just before lunch and just before the end of my shift. 

On the way back from work, this is where our luck continued to fly away. As we reached about halfway home, the cars were backing up, and nothing was coming past us. Dad thought maybe there'd been an accident or something, and I said 'noo it's probably just the crossing again' and I mentioned about the sheep we encountered prior to work as well. But then we heard sirens, and low and behold a police car sped passed us, and parked in front of the traffic. 

Turns out there had been an accident. We're not exactly sure what happened, but all we saw was a bike one side of the road, another siren had blared (an ambulance), the ambulance was parked just past the bike, and in the middle of the road lay a man. He had bruised knees, and I think he had his helmet on too, they were bringing out a neck brace for him and a bed cart. The situation was under control as we drove past and made it to the crossing, only for the barriers to be down!! 

I just put it down to destiny, that we, or rather I, was supposed to be late for everything that day. I also hope that the cyclist is okay, so I'm going to look out for it in the local news and online. 

Whilst we were stationary for a long time, back when we were stuck in the traffic caused by the accident, I managed to take a picture of my favourite house without it blurring by or being shaky because of the ride. 

It's a little peek-a-boo house that is just too adorable. It normally suffers from mud slides and floods, but the owners always manage to keep it looking so clean, tidy, and cute. 

Once I got home, we took Danny out for a walk and had dinner, by this stage I was tired, so I watched two programme's; 'Almost Human' and 'Watchdog', and then peeled myself off the sofa to do some ten minute tasks. I've worked on all of my projects, so another yay! 

Now it's time to do some Roleplaying online and catch up with friends. Tomorrow I'm taking a break and going to the cinema straight away with Charlotte, so I'll catch ya tomorrow and let you know what the movie was like :D 

Lots of Love, 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Working Day

Today is the first day I went into work after my 'new year' (that's what I'm calling it now).

Before work, I started with the routine I've been trying to set up, that routine being, go out for a walk and take some lovely photos. The weather was a little dull and wet this morning but a few filters makes it look like a lovely day!

As you can see Danny found a stick he really loved and took it all the way home with him. (I found the stick and I was quite proud of the moment :P). 

And then after the walk, I started my 10 minute sessions of different projects. 40 minutes later I was out the door in a rush and on my way to work. 

My general state of mind was okay at work, until it got to the middle of my lunch, I was halfway through my salad (I tried to be adventurous when I went into boots and avoided the usual sandwhich), when I realized I didn't actually like it. 

I ate the meat, and found out that the pasta on its on wasn't that bad. But I still had to chuck the majority of it away. Hey ho, at least I know never to buy THAT again. 

I got back to work, and when I finished the weather had improved significantly. 

It was bright the sun was up and I felt a little uplifted. Since coming home from work, after having dinner I managed to peel myself off the sofa and do some work on one of my projects. I was going to stop at 21:00. Yet here I am at 21:48 writing a blog post and wanting to do more :L 

Oh well, today has been fun! I'm grateful that I managed to at least get some things done, even if it was for a little time because of work. Hopefully I'll get more done later. 

I hope you've all had wonderful sunny days. 

For now, I'll see you soon. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Hitting a Hurdle

So today I ran out of things to procrastinate with.


I'd already been for a walk, had a driving lesson, then another walk. Here are the pictures:

 My room was already tidy and clear, thanks to yesterday, I'd already taken a few pictures (as you can already see). My earlier plans to visit my sister had to be cancelled because of a possible cold.

Naturally I was feeling down. I was left staring at my computer with sheer horror at the idea that I actually had the time to write.

Now I know this isn't exactly a 'promising' thought coming from a writer, but it was something that genuinely scared me. I was full of thoughts like 'what if I'm not good enough', or 'what if I write the wrong thing', 'what if I don't like what I write, will other people like it?'. In the end I had to give myself a pep talk and calm down.

Recently my mother talked to Helena Holdrick, someone who has been helping her with her mindset when it comes to her business. Someone like a business coach (in fact I think she may actually be a business coach). And she said to do ten minutes work on each project then increase the time gradually.

When my mum told me this, I thought - great! I could really use this. The problem I have is, I have so many projects and I never know how to split my time with them, or which one I should start first, but using this routine I managed to spend time on ALL of them, EQUALLY.

I hit a hurdle, got a bit down, and now that I've actually accomplished it, I feel good again. So I can eat a Maoam or three....or five. YAY!

I hope you've all had positive days too!

Much love.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hiking-ish Fun and a Hello

So I've been away for a long time, to be honest I've needed the time away to recoup and evaluate my life, find out what I really want as well as sort a few bits out as well.

Now I'm back! -plays 'Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Shady's Back, Back Again' in the background-

Something that's sprung to my mind a lot recently is 'What makes me happy?' It's funny how we go through life living through others expectations, learning what makes them happy, and because of this we lose sight of what we really love. Sometimes we find ourselves doing something, and thinking, 'but do I actually enjoy this?'

For me I find that this is usually the time where I need to take a step back. Time to look at whoever/whatever is making me feel like this, ask myself why, then move on.

Self-reflection is an important thing that I think everyone can benefit from, you learn more about yourself and once you move on, it's like you've gotten over a hurdle and a sense of achievement takes over.

To do this I usually block everyone out (not a good thing to do, trust me). But the past few days I've looked out at the car window and thought how lovely the day was, and how much fun it would be to hike in my local area. So instead of blocking things out, I just listened and acted.

A while ago I saw a post from another blog that said appreciating where you live can help lift up your spirits. And I can honestly say it really does. The picture above is of a field we walked past. We literally picked a random route and decided to explore, so here are a few photos.

As we were walking we came across a farm, for obvious reasons I decided not to take a picture of the people's home (as they were kinda eyeing me up). But I thought the abandoned old house was kinda cool.

My absolute favourite moment was when we saw the horses. This one was the friendliest and seemed to be standing guard.
We were walking up a public bridleway, but we didn't expect to see horses. And when we did I just kept going 'aww they're so cute, look at them!'

The day was so nice, the sun was shining high and I really appreciated living in England (especially when the weather is this good). We're hoping to go back there tomorrow, Danny (our dog) seemed to love it and he was practically yanking my mums arm out the whole way there out of sheer excitement.

When we got back our spirits were high and we made some light lunch. Grilled bacon salad with salad cream. Yummmmmy!

The rest of the day was spent quite productive, I cleared out the majority of my room and now have a functioning desk again (one with no junk on the top of it), and I got my crystals out on the windowsill where the sun's rays can hit it! :D

After Dad came home we had dinner and the ice cream man came!!!

Summer Solstice yesterday was a good day, and I can say with a smile that today was just as good too! I'm hoping I can get back into the blogging and the vlogging. Doing a bit of both now that my mood has seemingly improved.

All I can do is think back to that blog that said about appreciating the home that you live in and seeing new sights, and it's so true. No matter how long you've lived in a place, there will always be something new to explore, some little hidden treasure/place that you have yet to see.

That was my day! I hope you all enjoyed reading about it, if you did anything special this weekend let me know, no matter how big or small the event was!

Catch ya next time!