Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hiking-ish Fun and a Hello

So I've been away for a long time, to be honest I've needed the time away to recoup and evaluate my life, find out what I really want as well as sort a few bits out as well.

Now I'm back! -plays 'Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Shady's Back, Back Again' in the background-

Something that's sprung to my mind a lot recently is 'What makes me happy?' It's funny how we go through life living through others expectations, learning what makes them happy, and because of this we lose sight of what we really love. Sometimes we find ourselves doing something, and thinking, 'but do I actually enjoy this?'

For me I find that this is usually the time where I need to take a step back. Time to look at whoever/whatever is making me feel like this, ask myself why, then move on.

Self-reflection is an important thing that I think everyone can benefit from, you learn more about yourself and once you move on, it's like you've gotten over a hurdle and a sense of achievement takes over.

To do this I usually block everyone out (not a good thing to do, trust me). But the past few days I've looked out at the car window and thought how lovely the day was, and how much fun it would be to hike in my local area. So instead of blocking things out, I just listened and acted.

A while ago I saw a post from another blog that said appreciating where you live can help lift up your spirits. And I can honestly say it really does. The picture above is of a field we walked past. We literally picked a random route and decided to explore, so here are a few photos.

As we were walking we came across a farm, for obvious reasons I decided not to take a picture of the people's home (as they were kinda eyeing me up). But I thought the abandoned old house was kinda cool.

My absolute favourite moment was when we saw the horses. This one was the friendliest and seemed to be standing guard.
We were walking up a public bridleway, but we didn't expect to see horses. And when we did I just kept going 'aww they're so cute, look at them!'

The day was so nice, the sun was shining high and I really appreciated living in England (especially when the weather is this good). We're hoping to go back there tomorrow, Danny (our dog) seemed to love it and he was practically yanking my mums arm out the whole way there out of sheer excitement.

When we got back our spirits were high and we made some light lunch. Grilled bacon salad with salad cream. Yummmmmy!

The rest of the day was spent quite productive, I cleared out the majority of my room and now have a functioning desk again (one with no junk on the top of it), and I got my crystals out on the windowsill where the sun's rays can hit it! :D

After Dad came home we had dinner and the ice cream man came!!!

Summer Solstice yesterday was a good day, and I can say with a smile that today was just as good too! I'm hoping I can get back into the blogging and the vlogging. Doing a bit of both now that my mood has seemingly improved.

All I can do is think back to that blog that said about appreciating the home that you live in and seeing new sights, and it's so true. No matter how long you've lived in a place, there will always be something new to explore, some little hidden treasure/place that you have yet to see.

That was my day! I hope you all enjoyed reading about it, if you did anything special this weekend let me know, no matter how big or small the event was!

Catch ya next time!

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