Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Doomed Travels

So today was pretty much standard routine guys, except for the 'doomed' part. I had work early so we went for an earlier dog walk where I snapped this:

I didn't notice until now but the sky was full of lots of aeroplane snail trail (that's what I call them anyways). 

BEFORE our walk, someone decided to be cheeky and get on my bed: 

I was late to work, which put me in a somber mood, the reason being - the crossing was down, then police blocked a road, we think it's because some sheep might've been trapped. AFTER all this, my grandad took my nan to her appointment so I ended up walking into work once the shop had opened. A big no-no in my books, but work seemed to understand. 

In higher spirits, on the entire journey I did manage to snap this: 

It makes my trip to work look exciting. This is the common, on our hike on Sunday this is where we would've ended up if we continued walking. It is beautiful, there's cows, and horses there. It used to be an old air base in the war or something (so my Dad tells me), but they dug it up and let it grow over into a common. 

Work was okay again, I was just pricing and scanning up stuff mainly. It kept me busy and time only really dragged just before lunch and just before the end of my shift. 

On the way back from work, this is where our luck continued to fly away. As we reached about halfway home, the cars were backing up, and nothing was coming past us. Dad thought maybe there'd been an accident or something, and I said 'noo it's probably just the crossing again' and I mentioned about the sheep we encountered prior to work as well. But then we heard sirens, and low and behold a police car sped passed us, and parked in front of the traffic. 

Turns out there had been an accident. We're not exactly sure what happened, but all we saw was a bike one side of the road, another siren had blared (an ambulance), the ambulance was parked just past the bike, and in the middle of the road lay a man. He had bruised knees, and I think he had his helmet on too, they were bringing out a neck brace for him and a bed cart. The situation was under control as we drove past and made it to the crossing, only for the barriers to be down!! 

I just put it down to destiny, that we, or rather I, was supposed to be late for everything that day. I also hope that the cyclist is okay, so I'm going to look out for it in the local news and online. 

Whilst we were stationary for a long time, back when we were stuck in the traffic caused by the accident, I managed to take a picture of my favourite house without it blurring by or being shaky because of the ride. 

It's a little peek-a-boo house that is just too adorable. It normally suffers from mud slides and floods, but the owners always manage to keep it looking so clean, tidy, and cute. 

Once I got home, we took Danny out for a walk and had dinner, by this stage I was tired, so I watched two programme's; 'Almost Human' and 'Watchdog', and then peeled myself off the sofa to do some ten minute tasks. I've worked on all of my projects, so another yay! 

Now it's time to do some Roleplaying online and catch up with friends. Tomorrow I'm taking a break and going to the cinema straight away with Charlotte, so I'll catch ya tomorrow and let you know what the movie was like :D 

Lots of Love, 

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