Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pub trip!


So today I was back at work after three lovely lazy days off, and of course my mood was a little low. It did start off sunny, but by the time I finished work the sky looked like this -

So I didn't really like the odds of the weather to be honest.

At lunch I got a text from my lovely best friend saying the time we were meeting our friends at the pub. I would just like to point out, at this point in time, I stared at my phone for a good few moments before I remembered that the pub trip had been previously arranged.

Another 'doh' moment from me.

I managed to act all 'coy' about it and reply with a simple 'yeah that's fine' before I alerted the 'rents (parents) that I was going. Trust me they were just as surprised as I was when I got the text.

So after a long laborious day at work, and after peeling myself off my sofa, I made myself presentable, then headed to the pub with my bestie.

The rain spat at us, but surprisingly it didn't down pour completely. It stayed dry so we stayed out doors (plus the pub was packed) and we talked for so long I didn't think we were ever going to end - trust me that's a good thing. It was nice to catch up with people from school too, I hadn't spoken to them since we left (two years ago now!! :O ) so it was definitely nice to see how they're all doing. 

After a while the cold blew in, I was shivering, and both me and the bestie have 6am starts tomorrow for work, so we had to leave quite early from the pub. But I did manage to get a picture of my favourite tree ever! You can't see it very well in the picture, but this tree has twinkly lights in it, and they stay in all year round, and when it's dark it looks like the tree from Harry Potter in the last film, when it's all burnt to ash with nothing but embers of flame left in the bark. 

A good time was definitely had by all today, and I'm super proud of myself for managing to stay positive throughout the majority of the day. 

Now my cat is looking at something that I can't see, so I think a spider is about to crawl on to my bed. On that note, I shall finish typing. 

Live, Laugh, Love my friends. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Downer and Anna Akana

Hey folks,

so the past few days I've hit a real downhill on my mood. I'm tired like 80% of the time, and all I want to do is snuggle up in bed with my cat, whilst drinking hot chocolate and watching a movie.

Instead of doing that I went for a walk with my mum and the dog.

We went to the usual place - the "green" and I couldn't not go without getting a picture of a tree. 
FUN FACT - I once hugged that tree after being advised by a spiritualist. I got as far as hugging it for 0.2 seconds before something flew in my face and I screamed. 

After our walk mum took me on a trip around the garden, telling me all her plans on what she wants to do with it, when I spotted one of my favourite flowers- the passion fruit flower. 

After this I was still feeling a bit low. 

So I decided to just get on and do work, which led to procrastination - obviously, which then led to me discovering Anna Akana. 

If you don't know who Anna Akana is, I highly recommend following her and subscribing to her. Her short films are just amazing, and her vlogs are so upbeat and inspiring. 

One of my favourite series was 'Riley Rewind'. It's close to Anna's heart, and her acting in it is incredible. It's about a girl who can turn back time and change past events to get a different future. The plot had me hooked and I literally sat down and watched every single one, one after the other. (well apart from the last one, because I had to stop for lunch). 

Lunch. This brings me to the typical salad. It was bacon and cheese and gorgeous and amazing, I could have it all again. 

After lunch I watched some more of Anna's videos and vlogs, before I decided that I should test some makeup for my youtube videos so I don't look like a sheet of paper. 

I looked to Tanya Burr for inspiration and did some testing with my video camera. I'm fairly happy with the results. 

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll have filmed a new YouTube video that can get to you by Thursday. 

For now, live long and prosper my friends.